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Woman criticises online shops limited gender options in viral tweet: I shop on both sides

Calling men by their surnames contributes towards gender inequality “Dear online clothing stores, if you make me choose male or female before entering your store or signing up for your newsletter, you are cutting yourself off from revenue from ppl like me [sic],” Ford’s tweet begins. “I shop on both sides,” she added, suggesting that shops abolish male and female sections altogether, writing: “I don’t need your style suggestions”. Ford continued by arguing that the concept of dividing clothes by gender is fundamentally flawed, given that the average person probably owns clothing “with both feminine and masculine attributes”. She used the example of brands selling men’s jeans to women and branding them “boyfriend jeans”, claiming that these often cost more than they would if women were to simply purchase similar jeans directly from the menswear section. Ford’s tweet garnered hundreds of replies from people supporting her argument, generating 2,600 likes and more than 300 retweets. “Couldn’t have said it better myself,” one person wrote. “I tried emailing a skateboard company once to ask that they remove the gender options from their website,” another added. “They didn't care. It just struck me as odd that you can't buy something without declaring your gender.

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